Procurement Support

MARC Third Party Operation Mobilization Support

KKO worked with Jacobs Engineering to provide project management, regulatory compliance, engineering, and technical support services to the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) in order to assist in the transition to a new third party operations and maintenance services provider for the MARC Train Service system along the Brunswick and Camden Lines.

MBTA Real Estate Services Procurement Support

KKO worked with the MBTA to develop the procurement documents for solicitation of real estate management services for the MBTA’s portfolio of holdings. KKO developed the scope of services for the request for proposal and for the contract, prepared the evaluation criteria and assisted the MBTA and the MBTA’s outside counsel with the selection process and with the contract negotiations.

Caltrans Rail Equipment Procurement Support

KKO supported the California Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) Division of Rail’s role in implementing the State-owned rail car procurement, through the review of the procurement documentation. Working with Parsons Brinckerhoff, KKO was involved in reviewing the procurement package prepared by Caltrans in support of the new rail car procurement project. KKO’s role focused on the reviewing the overall package for completeness; identifying missing or incomplete sections; and providing recommendations to eliminate misleading or unclear language.

MBTA Commuter Rail Operation and Maintenance Contract – Penalty Administration

KKO worked with the MBTA on the new contract for its commuter rail operation to establish a systematic approach to administering the complex network of penalties for failure to adhere to MBTA standards and methods. The overall program addressed each contractual penalty individually but within an integrated program for enforcement that minimized the redundancy that would be present if each penalty were enforced as a stand-alone element of the MBTA/MBCR relationship.

MBTA Commuter Rail Operation and Maintenance Contract – Procurement and Mobilization Support

KKO worked with the MBTA on the development of a Request for Proposals and an Operating Agreement for the procurement of transportation, customer service, mechanical, and engineering services for its commuter rail network. KKO also assisted the MBTA in the mobilization phase for the new contractor.

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