Information Systems Support

KKO provides a wide range of support options that address the information needs of the transportation industry. KKO has rich experience in the application of information technology to the management of public transportation and railroad enterprises. The KKO expertise spans the full range of skills required for the effective management of a variety of operations.

Information Technology Strategy

KKO’s unique qualifications in the transportation sector lead to many assignments where KKO helps clients integrate new applications into the family of related systems necessary for a fully functional transit enterprise. KKO specializes in designing interfaces and bridges between critical operations management applications. We strive to transform a cacophony of data into a symphony of information.

Information Technology Procurement Support

KKO’s expertise in transit applications is both wide and deep. KKO brings a unique knowledge of public transportation operations to the design, specification, procurement and implementation of software applications. KKO’s years of experience with specialized technologies developed for the transit industry including scheduling systems, maintenance and asset management systems, customer itinerary planning systems and revenue collection / management applications makes the firm an ideal partner to help any transit agency introduce a new technology.

Software Applications

From 1984 – 1999, KKO developed a line of software designed to meet the MIS needs of public transportation companies. Now being supported by AssetWorks, a Trapeze Group, they include:

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