Software Applications

KKO developed a line of software especially designed to meet the MIS needs of public transportation agencies and railroads. These products are now being supported and marketed through AssetWorks, a Trapeze Group Company.

ROSS – Rail Operations Software Suite

The Rail Operations Software Suite (ROSS) is an operations management tool specifically designed for the transit industry to reinforce reliability and quality while improving efficiency and reducing costs. ROSS is a fully modular system with application subsystems. These include Automated Transit Performance Monitoring, Cross-Departmental Incident Management, Rolling Stock Maintenance, Infrastructure Maintenance, and Crew Management (qualifications, safety, and testing).

MMS – Mechanical & Materials System

The Mechanical & Materials System (MMS) is a resource management tool that automates and simplifies the work involved in managing the maintenance of your railroad fleet. MMS tracks all labor and materials for both scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs for equipment components. MMS is designed specifically for management of a railroad operation.

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