Information Technology Strategy

KKO’s unique qualifications lead to many assignments where KKO helps clients integrate new applications into the family of related systems necessary for a fully functional transit enterprise. KKO specializes in designing interfaces and bridges between critical operations management applications.

Rhode Island Executive Information System

For the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, KKO worked with a team to develop and provide the foundation for a fully integrated financial management and project tracking system. KKO provided the lead role in documentation and assessment of the business processes within the DOT.

MBTA Hastus Upgrades

The MBTA regularly upgrades its Hastus scheduling software. KKO supports the MBTA with the migration of historical custom reports and interfaces with external MBTA applications. As part of these projects, KKO explores opportunities to exchange schedule information with additional applications.

Macedonian Railways Year 2000 Computer System Upgrades

Working with A&L Associates, KKO provided support, technical assistance and expertise in system analysis to review the computer software in use by the Macedonian Railways to verify the system’s ability to maintain integrity with the turn of the century and meet Y2K compliance issues. KKO also made recommendations for future investments in information technology to support the Macedonian Railways as it expands its railroad traffic.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Consulting for Logan Airport

KKO was part of multi-firm team selected by the Massachusetts Port Authority to provide Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) consulting services for Logan Airport. The team evaluated the management of the taxi and limo operations at the airport to identify strategies that improve customer service and operational efficiency for passenger ground transport. KKO’s role in the project was to identify and execute workable procurement and deployment strategies for installation of the proposed system.

Bangor & Aroostook Information Technology Plan

For the new owners of the Bangor and Aroostook Railway (BAR), KKO consulted on the development of an information technology plan that will allow the BAR and its sister railroad, the Canadian and American, make best use of information management tools to improve service delivery and reduce costs. KKO assisted with the conversion to a new car movement system and also consulted on the migration to a new accounting package.

Alaska Railroad Management Audit

For the Alaska Railroad, KKO conducted a special audit of its MIS functions under the auspices of Mercer Management Consulting’s ongoing management audit contract with the Alaska Railroad’s Board of Directors. The Alaska Railroad downsized its MIS operation from a mainframe to midrange computer for its primary data processing platform. KKO reviewed the MIS Department’s management team, organizational structure, project plans, and software system procurements. After the close of the engagement, KKO was invited to return the following year to conduct a follow-up evaluation of actions taken by the Alaska Railroad.

Buenos Aires Commuter Railroad

KKO provided on-site evaluation of current practices and systems for performance reporting and scheduling in support of Burlington Northern’s and Morrison-Knudsen’s mobilization to operate the Argentinean Commuter Rail Service for the capital city of Buenos Aires. Based on this evaluation, recommendations were made as to how current methods should be improved or replaced as part of the transition from public to private operation. The services to be operated comprise the most heavily used commuter rail lines in the western hemisphere, carrying more than 130 million passengers per year.

Polish National Railway MIS Study

As part of a project team evaluating the feasibility of privatizing the Polish National Railroad (PKP), KKO prepared several studies outlining the status of MIS at the PKP and making recommendations for continued work to support and facilitate cost control and privatization.

Vermont Ridesharing System

KKO evaluated and guided the development of a custom software application to provide for the matching of ridesharing clients for a low density, rural/small town environment. This project for the Vermont Public Transportation Association evaluated a current project to develop this customer software and made recommendations to improve the overall design, user interface and quality control for the application development project.

Sun Tran Integrated MIS

KKO contracted with the City of Albuquerque (New Mexico) to analyze the Transit Department’s (Sun Tran) current capabilities and needs for computerized administrative and operating aids. Application areas included:

KKO also worked with Sun Tran to devise specifications and develop an RFP for a new, comprehensive MIS to address identified needs.

RIPTA MIS Requirements Analysis

As part of a team, KKO analyzed the vehicle and manpower scheduling practices of the Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority (RIPTA) as part of a comprehensive MIS requirements analysis. The requirements analysis served as the scope of work for an MIS procurement and development effort.

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